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Cast List - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Narrators                  Lydia Wik, Blythe Johnson

Augustus Gloop           Nathan Martinson

Violet Beauregarde      LIlly Loverink

Veruca Salt                Madison Tuttle

Mike Teavee               Brenan Winkels

Mr. Bucket                 Jadon Fimon

Mrs. Bucket               Marlea Emberson

Grandma Josephine      Cate Goodnature

Grandpa George          Wayne Goodnature

Grandma Georgina        Andie Lewis

Grandpa Joe              Paul Burger

Charlie Bucket          Zachary Evenson

Mrs. Gloop                Amy Coddington

Willy Wonka               Eric Sippel

Mrs. Teavee            Emily Miller

Mr. Salt                    Dave Hovland

Mrs. Beauregard          Janet Anderson

Oomp-Looppas     Sam Wiks, Jude Hovland, Noah Raatz, Matthew Phanchan, Ayden Keefe, Sawyer Graff, Reese Norton, Sadie Coddington

A special THANK YOU to everyone who came to auditions!

We had over 75 kids try out for this show AND you all made our casting decisions very, very, very difficult. We could have cast the show many different ways. You were all GREAT! Everyone did an excellent job. IF we were unable to cast you this time, please continue to try-out for future shows. We look forward to seeing you in the audience to support you fellow actors.

Our first READ-THRU is this Thursday, March 1st from 6:00-8:00 at Matchbox. IF you are unable to make it PLEASE contact me ASAP (507)-993-8650.