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Cast List - Charlotte's Web

Character                                             Actor

Fern Arable                                         Diann Smith   

Avery Arable                                      Abe Phillips   

Edith Zuckerman                                 Deidre Smith

Lurvy                                                  Derek McAlister

Wilbur                                                 Jenny Dreyer

Young Wilbur                                     Camryn Deters

Templeton                                           Ed Dreyer

Charlotte                                              Nikki Philips

Goose                                                  Lydia Wik

Gander                                                Natalie Zettles

Sheep                                                  Leah Hanson

Lamb                                                   Becca Wicks

Baby Spiders                                       Emma Mackay, Lexi Lewis, Zara Anserge


Thank you to all who auditioned.  Our first cast meeting will be February 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Discovery Learning Center, 1802 2nd Ave. SW.  Please text me at 507-513-3142 if you cannot attend on that date.