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Cast List - Snow White

Snow White Cast List

Narrators- Jenny Dreyer and Kim Potter Queen- Crystal Cox
Greta- Angela Kelly
King- Randy Forster

Young Snow White- Olivia Felten 

Snow White- Lydia Wik
Mirror- Kim Zerke
Seven Dwarves

1- Diann Smith
2- Lilly Loverink
3- Becca Wicks
4- McKenna Donovan 

5- Zoee Sorenson

6- Kalli Potter

7- Grace Wood Roland- Ed Dreyer Frederick- Deidre Smith

Thank you all so much for auditioning. I could have cast this show so many different ways. There were so many talented people and mostly what it came down to with people not getting parts were height. Height played a big factor in how I had to cast this show with the dwarves. Please don’t be discouraged and audition for House at Pooh Corner and do theatre camp this summer, where you will be guaranteed a part in the show. The read through will be next Monday, the 7th at 7pm at our new building. It is the old Knights of Columbus, located right behind the Post Office.

Thank you
Angela Donovan and Barb Kasel