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Cast List - A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol Cast

MCT Cast List: A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol


Character:                                         Actor:

Mother Goose                                    Kim Potter

Big Bad Wolf                                     Randy Forster

Philip Charming                               Ed Dreyer

Pig – Bale                                           Peytyn Johnson

Pig – Twig                                          Kamari Regner

Pig – Brick                                         Megan Dilley-Jones

Jack (Nephew)                                  Vic Wylde

Cinderella Charming                        Lydia Wik

Gretel Charming                               Becca Wicks

Hansel Charming                              Ray Wicks

Tabitha Charming                            Kalli Potter

Jacob Midas & Old King Cole         Paul Burger

Meriwether & Mary                          Deidre Smith

Little Bo Peep & Miss Muffet          Amata Whiteside

Humpty Dumpty &

Red Riding Hood                              Allie Alm

Little Wolf & Black Sheep               Ryan Capp

Fan & Londoner Extra                    Sawyer Graff

Mrs. Fezziwig & Queen of Hearts  Andie Lewis

Medium Wolf & Pied Piper              Michael Miles

Goldilocks & Snow White                Diann Smith

Elf & Londoner Extra                      Zoe Heydt

Elf & Londoner Extra                      Hannah Maxwell

Elf & Londoner Extra                      Aubrey Miklya


Monday – October 30 There will be a full Cast will read thru the script 6:30 to 7:45 PM in Large Meeting Room at Austin Library. We will also be talking about characters. Scripts and rehearsal schedule will be distributed  


IMPORTANT NOTE: We will have 2 student performances on Friday December 8th in addition to evening public performance at 7 PM.  Each cast member must arrange to be excused from school or work in order to be in the play. Parents of students are responsible for getting their children excused from school. There are also Public Performances on Saturday December 9th at 7 PM and Sunday December 10th at 2 PM. The Friday student performance mandatory commitment is not feasible please inform us before October 30th.


Most cast members will be involved as Londoner extras during transitions between scenes in additon to the actors listed as Elves and Fan.


We had such great enthusiasm at auditions that it made it very difficult to make our cast choices. However, there are just not roles to include everyone. We encourage you to audition again for future MCT plays. Thank you.

            Janet Anderson and Cate Goodnature