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Dungeons Dragons Character Info


Take your time to review the info below to help you start your character. One of the funnest parts of playing D&D is the imagination you get to pour into your character creation! It sets the path for your upcoming adventure. So choose carefully from the 3 questions below and make your selection when registering for your campaign on the classes & camps page! :)



are intelligent spellcasters that create magical items to create magical effects. They can support their teammates, weaken their enemies, and solve difficult problems. Artificer’s are typically scholars and tinkerers adventuring to gain more knowledge. 


are the big and strong warriors that can break doors, protect their team, and clobber their enemies by enhancing themselves with their rage. Barbarians are usually commoners and laborers that have a chip on their shoulder and a taste for battle. 


are performers and politicians. They use their charismatic nature to persuade and manipulate people. They infuse their music and speeches with magic to fill any role on the team. From problem solving, to healing, and attacking their foes, Bards are a very flexible class. 


are holy people with potent magic drawn from some sort of divinity. They use their holy magic to do everything from impose order, catalyze peace, or brew storms. Clerics are usually clergy from a church or a devout follower of a deity, traveling to appease their divinity. 


are embodiments of the natural world. They have a connection to nature that lets them cast magic that supports their team or brawl with their enemies. Druids are usually hermits that grew up in the wilderness, adventuring to learn about the outside world or protect their natural home. 


are skilled warriors capable of using all sorts of weapons and armaments to protect their team or quickly dispatch their enemies. Fighters can either wear heavy armor and wield a heavy shield, or wear light leather armor and move quickly with a bow to attack. Fighters are usually soldiers, mercenaries, or law enforcement officers. 


harness the energy within their body (called Ki) to create powerful strikes and a subtle yet powerful defense. Monks are fast, skilled, and meditative, their body is just as much a weapon as the swords of other warriors. Monks usually come from a temple where they trained their body and spirit, often traveling as a rite of passage to climb the ranks of their monastery. 


are holy knights sworn to an oath of their temple. They use heavy armor and mighty weapons, and use their divine magic to strike down their foes and heal their friends. Paladins are knights that trained under some sort of holy order, and they often travel to spread holy word, or to fulfill the holy purpose of the order itself. 


live far from the reaches of cities or villages. They are master hunters and trackers, living in the wilderness using their skills and knowledge alone. Rangers are strikers and brawlers, working quickly to eliminate their target. Rangers are usually hunters from small villages or hermits that travel naturally as part of their lifestyle, or to protect their homeland from ruin. 


are skilled fighters. They rely on stealth and trickery to win. They strike their opponent at their weakest point, and use their resourceful nature to solve problems. Rogues are criminals and spies that work in the dark corners of society. They usually adventure for personal gain, retribution, or for the purposes of the agency they serve. 


don’t study magic, draw it from a holy source, or channel the forces of nature. An exotic bloodline, other worldly influence, or some unknown force infuses a sorcerer’s body with magic. Sorcerer’s have powerful magic that they can control with pinpoint accuracy, or runs wild with chaos beyond their control. Sorcerer’s are often adventuring in search of answers to their powers or a place to belong after being turned away from their home. 


are tenacious people that draw their power from a more powerful entity. Unlike clerics that devote themselves to a powerful entity, Warlocks bargain with powerful entities, striking deals for power as long as they fill their side of the deal. Warlocks have unstable magic with powerful effects. Warlocks often travel to fill their side of the deal they struck with their patron. 


are masters of arcane knowledge. They study the mysteries of the universe, using that knowledge to conjure powerful spells. Through their studies, Wizards amass a large repertoire of spells. They can blast their enemies away, give their friends powerful boosts, or solve a challenging problem with their spells. Many Wizards travel in search of more arcane knowledge.



Striker: I want to attack my enemy from afar and do a lot of damage.


Defender: I want to protect my team from harm. 


Support: I want to help my team by making them stronger and recovering their wounds.


Brawler: I want to be up close and in battle while I attack my enemy or solve a problem.


Utility: I want to use magic to solve difficult problems and help my team. 



Hermit: I live far from other people, and don’t talk to people much. I feel most comfortable in small villages with few people. 

Acolyte: I live in a temple or monastery that serves a god or religion. The church and protection of my religion is where I feel at home. 

Noble: I grew up in a rich and powerful family. Big cities are where I feel at home.


Sage: I’m a scholar that studies the mysteries of the world, scrolls and books of the library are where I feel home. 

Soldier: I served in the military of my home, fighting wars and studying combat. I feel my best when I’m in battle, where I’ve been my whole life.

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