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Yes I Can Help Teach!

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Matchbox Children's Theatre is looking for teachers to help with our programs, and we are hoping you can help! What are your ideas? Specialties? Passions? We can design a curriculum for you, or you can design your own with us!


Matchbox Children's Theatre requires all adults that volunteer or are hired to work with youth to have training from Safe Gatherings. This needs to be completed before you can spark imaginations with us.

  1. Go to 

  2. Select New Application

    1. Type of organization: Other Organizations Serving Children and Youth​

    2. Name of organization: Matchbox Children's Theatre, Austin MN

    3. Matchbox will cover the fee for the background check.

    4. You will need to put 2 references on this website as well. They cannot be family members.

  3. Go through each module of the training, and either listen to the video or read the paragraphs.

  4. At the very end there will be a quiz to see what you learned.


Matchbox Children's Theatre values your time and commitment to be prepared to spark imaginations with the youth that come through our doors. We will require an outline of the class that shows what you will be doing each lesson. You will be compensated for your time on your first check from Matchbox with a $40 stipend. If you need help deciding on how the class should be, one of our Education Committee members will gladly work with you to create the curriculum. If yo would rather be given one of our curriculums, one of our Education Committee members will write the curriculum for you.


Matchbox Children's Theatre pays teachers by the hour. You will be given a paper time sheet to complete.

  • Your prep time is 15 minutes before the class starts.

  • You will need to stay until all students have been picked up. You will supervise students at the door.

  • You will leave the room clean and sanitized.


Matchbox has three 6-week courses for classes. Most classes meet once a week. In the summer we have summer camps where you would meet with a group for 45 minutes every day, Monday-Friday. Classes for summer camps are from 9am-noon.

Come Spark Imaginations With Us
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