About Us

Matchbox Children's Theatre is an independent, 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization

run on a board of directors.


Matchbox Children's Theatre performs the Halloween Warm-Up every October, along with

Three regular productions a year Between November - April

Matchbox also holds a Summer Camp for One Week in July & Perform's a Camp Production every August

 Our plays last about an hour with no intermission.

We absolutely love to get letters and drawings about our plays! Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Age Limits (Participation, Admission)

      Matchbox Children's Theatre presents theatre for children, and not necessarily by children except when there are appropriate roles. When we do have roles available for younger children, the ages that roles are available for are listed on our audition flyers. Matchbox Children's Theatre productions are usually for children at least 8 years of age. Actors generally need to be grade 6 or older to participate in the Halloween Warm-Up.

     We are often asked if we charge admission for very young children. Yes we do, beginning at 3 years of age. Matchbox is theatre for children. We do find that toddlers are often intrigued with the action and excitement of live theatre and enjoy the play even if they don't follow the story line.

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  • schools

A large selection is available mostly

in adult sizes ideal for


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  • Halloween

  • mystery parties

  • community events

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