Cast List

I Never Saw Another Butterfly and The Terezin Promise


Raja- Emma Brekke

Irena- Kaiah Gibson

Honza- Rylan Clark

Child 1- Isabel Brekke

Child 2- Renea Clark

Child 3- Abe Phillips

Child 4- Julia Zerke

Other Children- Megan Dilley-Jones, TBD

Loudspeaker- Megan Dilley-Jones

Eva- Renea Clark

Helga- TBD

Hanus- Abe Phillips

Petr- Isabel Brekke

Rudi- Isaac Zerke

Nicolas a soldier- Rylan Clark

Camp Guards- Megan Dilley Jones and Isaac Zerke


Thank you all for auditioning. You can pick up your scripts Wednesday and Thursday from 10-3. Our first rehearsal will be Monday July 6th from 1-3 at the Matchbox Office. If you have any questions please contact me. The rehearsal schedule will be given out the first day. 


Angela Donovan