Cast List

Cast List 2020 Halloween Warmup


Mussels Skit Directed by Nature Center Staff

Intern 1

Intern 2


Friendly Ghost Skit Directed by Katie Hunerdosse

Katie Hunerdosse 

Emily Mcallister


Johnny Appleseed Directed by Janet Anderson

Critter 1- Olivia Felten

Critter 2- Ava Lillis

Johnny- Quincy Muzik


Support Group for Monsters Directed by Lydia and Taylor

Counselor- Zofie Eastfold

Pa- Lucas

Mummy- Taylor Hinrichs

Medusa- Emma Brekke

Bigfoot- Ashlynn Krumm

Lucinda- Ava

Lily - Trinity

Florence- Lydia Wik

Wolfie- Jorgen


The Groups Lesson Learned Directed by Val Johnson

Teacher- Ella Spear

Wendy- McKenna Donovan

Jasper- Ruby Kellog

Drake- Mollie Johnson

William- Jude Hovland


Break in Bear Directed by Jenny Dreyer

Bear- Jenny Dreyer

Claire- Payton Southard

Hannah- Haylie Meyer

Oliver- Lukas Tapp

Spider- Jackson Dreyer

Campers- Grace Wood

      Maggie Dreyer


Prairie Chicken Directed by Krista Theobold

Prairie Chicken- Krista Teobold

Ringneck Pheasant- Megan Dilley-Jones


The Three Billy Goats Gruff- Directed by Heidi Clark

Billy Goat 1- Renae Clark

Billy Goat 2- Zeke Phillips

Billy Goat 3- Levi Phillips

Troll- Abe Phillips

Squirrel- Rylan Clark


Plastic Bag Monster- Directed by Angela Donovan

Plastic Bag- Allie Alm

Park Ranger- Isaac Zerke


The Owl and the Vole Directed by Deidre Smith

Owl- Deidre Smith

Vole Diann Smith


Dracula- Directed by Ed Dreyer

Dracula- Ed Dreyer

Mrs. Dracula- Kaiah Gibson

Renfield- Sam Vortherms


Fairies of the Forest Directed by Kim Zerke

Fairy 1 Ajuda Akane

Fairy 2 Hannah Zerke

Fairy 3 Kya McManus

Fairy 4 Riley Szyszkouski

Fairy 5 Ashlyn Strampe


Thank you all for auditioning. Everyone did an amazing job and we are so happy that we are able to give everyone a part this year. I will have scripts and costumes available in the office starting on Thursday this week. I am here every day during the week. My office hours right now are Monday and Tuesday 8:30-4:30  and Wednesday- Friday from 7:30-3:30. If the door is locked, ring the doorbell.  If those times don’t work for you. Please either call the office or email me and we can set up another time. Our one and only rehearsal will be Sunday, October 4th, at 2:00pm at the Nature Center. It will last roughly about an hour. The show performs October 9th and 10th. More information will be given at the rehearsal. I can’t wait for a great warmup. 


Angela Donovan

Office/Education Facilitator