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Children in Classroom

Our Policies

Emergency & Accident Policy & Procedures

First Aid-

Ideally, First Aid will be administered by staff who have First Aid certification. An injury

will be cleaned with soap, water and a bandage applied. In an emergency requiring a

physician’s attention, the emergency number 911 will be called. A staff person will accompany

the child in the ambulance while other staff make telephone contact with the parent or

designated emergency person. Accidents will be recorded through our accident reports and

filed; a copy will be made available upon parents request. A first aid kit will be located on the

shelves in the hallway next to Epworth Hall and in the office. A first aid kit will be taken on

activities out in the community. In the event that the Poison Control center needs to be called

you can reach them at 1-800-222-1212.


All areas used by the children will be free from debris, flaking, peeling or chipped paint,

loose wallpaper, crumbling plaster, litter, holes in the walls, floors and ceiling. All sharp objects,

medicines, plastic bags and poisonous plants and chemicals will be stored out of the reach of

children. Daily inspections of all areas will be done to insure potential hazards are removed.

Fire Prevention-

An emergency fire route will be posted by the exit to our building. Primary and

secondary exits in each classroom and hall shall be identified by posting information at each

exit. Fire department number (911) will be posted in each room and hall.

Tornado- Tornado Route will be posted in each classroom and hall.

Blizzard/Winter Storms- If Matchbox needs to cancel classes or rehearsals due to bad

weather, it will be posted on our Facebook page and Website. An email will be sent out to the

class/cast as well. If the director for that show uses the Remind App, a message will be posted

on there as well. Troupe will be notified through Remind.

Power Outage-

Staff will notify FUMC of the outage. Staff will follow any direction that is given

to them from FUMC. A battery operated radio and flashlight will be on hand.

Flood- In the event that the building is flooded the children will be moved to a safe area and

parents will be notified.

Missing Person-

If in an extreme emergency a child cannot be accounted for after a quick

thorough search of indoor-outdoor premises, 911 will be notified to assist in the location of the


Releasing Children-

No child shall be released to anyone other than the parent unless

permission has been granted. If there is a question on who is picking up the child, the child will

not be released until the parent has been contacted. If a parent arrives at MCT to pick up their

child and a staff member has a reason to believe that the parent is under the influence, certain

steps will be taken. Staff members will follow the parent to the vehicle, write down the license

plate number and car description, and then immediately phone law enforcement with the information.

It will then be in the law enforcement personnel’s hands to pick them up and make

a determination and recommendation. Staff members are also to phone Human Services to

report the incident and to document the incident and put in file.

Medical Care Sources-

In an emergency a call to 911 will always be the immediate response.

Every effort will be made to contact the parents preferred physician.


Any accident or injury which requires care by a staff member of medical personnel

will be recorded and a copy of report will be given to the parent upon request.



Emergency and Accident Prevention Procedures


Floor space in play areas will be free from clutter and safety inspection will be on-going

to prevent potential hazards such as physical injuries.


Storage of harmful substances such as cleaning supplies and medications will be

stored out of reach of children. Cleaning supplies will not be left unattended. Children will be

supervised at all times. Edibles and non-edibles will not be stored on the same shelf. Plants

shall be identified as safe for children. Smoking will not be allowed in any part of FUMC.

Medication will be stored in original containers and staff will only administer medications after

parent permission and proper forms have been filled out. The Poison Control Center’s

telephone number will be listed in each classroom.


Children will be supervised while eating and playing at all times. Food will be

appropriate for children’s age. Children will sit at a table while eating and staff will model good

eating habits. Children will not be allowed to run or walk while eating.

Staff will read warnings on any toys and games and continue to look for small parts that can

cause a child to choke. Infants, while in our care for date nights will be put to sleep on their

backs and soft things such as pillows will not be allowed in pack and plays.. Plastic bags and

wrappings will be out reach of children.


Infants in our care during date nights, will be placed on their backs while sleeping.

No child will be allowed to sleep in a car seat. Pillows and large or small stuffed animals will not

be placed in the pack and plays at any time. Plastic Bags and wrapping will be stored out of

reach of children. Plastic storage containers with lids will not be allowed for children to play in.

Traffic and Pedestrian Accidents- Children will not cross the street to go to a parents vehicle

under the age of 10. They will never play in or near the road, following our policy to wait inside

until a parent arrives for pickup. They will look both ways for danger before and while crossing

the road with their parents or caregiver. They will walk, not run into the street.

Fire Prevention-

Fire routes will be posted by the exit. Primary and Secondary exits in each

room shall be identified by posting information at each exit. Fire department phone number

(911) will be posted in each classroom and hall. Staff will keep all matches, flammable materials

out of reach of children at all times.


Staff will prevent burns by keeping matches and other flammable materials out of reach

of children. Foods will be heated and cool to temperature to prevent burns. Sunscreen will be

provided by each parent and will be used as needed during seasons where children are playing

outdoors. Staff will not carry young children and hot liquids or food at the same time.

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