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Children in Classroom

Our Policies

MCT Crisis Management Plan

Security Threat Policy: 

Definition - Anything that could potentially put the children and/or staff at risk at MCT. 


The Board President or Education Facilitator ( if they are not on site, then the staff with the most seniority) will evacuate the center, and call the police department. Staff will be responsible for escorting the children quickly and quietly outside. If the weather is cold, rainy, etc., escort the children to Christ Episcopal Church. If the MCT president is not on site, call immediately. 

Items to be taken with you in an emergency include: attendance sheets, First Aid Kit, and phone. Office staff will grab camp forms to make phone calls to parents. 

Emergency Lockdown Procedure: 

Procedure regarding an unruly person on site: If a person becomes unruly, has a gun, or is putting children and staff in danger, each classroom locks classroom doors, turns out the lights, and escort children to a space away from doors. Call the police department immediately. 


Some things to keep in mind: 

● If you personally have a restraining order against anyone you should carry it with you at all times. 

● If you are threatened personally by someone on or off site, you should let others know so they are aware that a possible problem exists. 

● If your vehicle or work area is damaged let the MCT president know. If it is your car you need to report it to the police. 

● Guns on the premises are not allowed.

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