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Second Act
Thrift Store

Matchbox Children's Theatre now offers your very own thrift store, here to help all in Southeastern MN.

Scope out our new and exciting thrift store! All proceeds support Matchbox and the local theatre community. Very low prices with high selection - it’s all for you. And it changes every day!


We take a GREAT variety of items. We do have a list of what we are unable to take listed below. Check out our daily inventory video on Facebook to help you jump on all those unique deals before they’re gone!!

Clearing out that garage? Helping Mom to downsize that empty nest?

"Spring" cleaning all those times of the year? Bring it on by!

Donation times:

Wed - Fri 3pm-6pm

Saturday 10am-6pm


Please call 507-438-6376

or email

The bridge may be down, but we are up!

Confused how to get to us? Feel free to give us a call!


Also here's a map to help guide your exit back out into the world! Because that's important too. ;D


Don't miss Jen's daily inventory live video

Check us out in the Austin Daily Herald

Our Shopping Policy

- All sales are as-is and final. Check carefully before making your purchase. No returns or exchanges.


- No personal checks accepted. We do accept cash, credit card and Apple Pay. - No tag, no sale. Items with no tag are returned to the pricing room.


- No pets in the shop. Fragile items need extra caution and some of our customers are allergic.


- No food or beverage in the shop, these are best consumed outside.


- Children must be under adult supervision at all times.


- No large bags or backpacks in store. Can be securely left at check out.

***NO DUMPING*** - Violators WILL BE prosecuted.

Property under video surveillance.

Acceptable Donations

Accepting donations during following business hours:

Wed - Fri 3pm-6pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Please drive around to back door and check in with a Second Act volunteer.



Please call 507-438-6376

or email

Clothing in good condition

- No rips, stains or holes. No unpackaged under garments (socks, bras, underwear). If you would not wear it due to its condition, please do not assume that someone else will.



- Nothing that has been recalled or has strong odors. If it is broken beyond simple repair please dispose of it.


Knick Knacks

- Not broken or lewd in nature.


Small Appliances

- Blenders, hand mixers, microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens in clean, working condition.



- Must be in working condition.

NOT Accepted

Tube TV's

Recalled Items

Stained/Ripped Clothing

Large Appliances


Air Mattresses

Carseats/Booster Seats

Life Jackets

Small Toys


Bagged Vacuums

Bedframe Headboards

Large Exercise Equipment

Used Humidifiers

Skis (of any kind)

Glassware (currently at capacity)

Mismatched Plates

Single Sheets/Pillowcases


***NO DUMPING*** - Violators will be prosecuted. Property under video surveillance.


Want to volunteer to help at the thrift store? We'd love to have you!! Also - we can sign off on your volunteer hours!

Please call 507-438-6376

or email

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