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Children in Classroom

Our Policies


Written Plan for providing a safe environment for all.

This policy will be made available to anyone at all times. 

The purpose of this policy is to 

● Prevent abuse 

● Raise Awareness 

● Establish and communicate transparency and accountability


If You See Something Say Something 



1. Parents are always welcome at every class and rehearsal. 

2. Windows will be in all classroom doors and doors will be locked when not in use.

3. Two adults will be at each activity, whenever possible. If two can not be at each activity, more than one adult will be in the building. 

4. Adults will never be alone with just one youth. If this happens, because of rides not being on time, the teacher/director will notify their supervisor that they were alone with a child and the incident will be documented and placed in a file. 

5. If a child shares that they have been abused, the adult will bring in a MCT Rep. (office staff or board member) and they will document the abuse. 

6. When abuse is suspected or has been reported by a child, then Mower County Human Services will be notified. If a child is in immediate danger, Law enforcement will be notified. The report will be documented and placed in a file. Any and all signs of abuse must be reported. This report should only be shared with the supervisor or the President of the Board. No abuse will be shared with other co-workers or volunteers. MCT is not allowed to discourage anyone from filing a report. 

7. When working with youth, staff will use positive words, praise positive behaviors, follow positive redirecting and have an age appropriate time out (having a chance to use our quiet corner until the child is ready to return to the activity). 

8. Matchbox Children’s Theatre will follow ratios set forth by the State of Minnesota. The ratios are as follows: 

a. Infants 1:4 

b. Toddlers 1:7 

c. Preschoolers 1:10 

d. School agers 1:15 

9. Pickup/Drop off Policy 

a. 2nd grade and under parents must come in the building when dropping off and picking up their child, to maintain that their child arrived at their activity safely. b. 3rd grade and up children can come into the building and go to their activity. At pickup time they will be released by their teacher/director to their vehicle.

c. No child may leave the building and wait outside if their parent is not there. The child must wait inside the MCT entrance for their ride to arrive and pickup. The staff/director will wait in the entryway until all children have been picked up.


10. Bathroom Policy 

a. No staff will be left alone with a child in the bathroom. If they need to go into the bathroom when a child is in there because of an emergency, staff will notify another staff member and the other staff member will stand in the open doorway. 

b. When taking a younger child to the bathroom, staff will stand in the doorway and keep the door open the whole time that child is in the bathroom. 

c. When possible have groups go together to the bathroom, ie. bathroom breaks, handwashing before snack/meal, etc. 

d. Children must be potty trained in order to take a class/camp at MCT. If a parent wants to sign up a child who is not potty trained for a class/camp then the parent must stay with the child for the whole class/camp. This excludes our monthly date night program where MCT watches children from birth- age 13 and also excludes children who are a part of our diversablilities program. These children will need to have a parent or a PCA if they need help with toileting. . 


11. Ride Policy

No child will be allowed to ride in a vehicle with a staff member, director or board member, without other people in the car, for example the staff member’s, director’s or board member’s child. 


12. If these policies are not followed through, then disciplinary action and/or termination may happen.

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