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2023 - 2024 PATRON LETTER

“Thank you all for coming! Without further ado, enjoy the show!” announced Angie Sedgwick Perry. There was a thunderous applause as the audience was eager to see us all...

I froze, waiting backstage wishing that I wasn’t here. My palms were sweating and I felt nauseous and lightheaded. Ugh, what was that one line again? I couldn’t do it, everybody would see me. What if I fail? What if I trip again like I did at rehearsal earlier? What if the audience starts yelling for me to get off the stage? The world seemed to freeze as I thought of everything that could go wrong...but then I remembered the advice...”Deep breath,” I told myself. I recalled taking singing lessons at camp from Kim Zerke and Katie Hunerdosse, and how my voice grew stronger. I remembered Josh Whalen’s advice during Improv class that made me feel comfortable in my own skin, despite my enormous fear of being on stage. I reminded myself of Kylie Larson helping me develop my character, then how Carley Carranza made the perfect costume with me and we brought it to life. As these memories flowed through my mind like a dream, I had a warm feeling of determination wash through me. I was going to be incredible no matter what happened!

The world snapped back into action. I could hear the audience murmuring in anticipation. I clenched my fists and managed to force a small smile on my face. I walked onto the stage.

There were people everywhere staring at me, I felt faint. One last memory flooded my mind as I envisioned my fellow cast encourage each other every rehearsal. The determination overcame my fear. The words flowed out of my mouth as I performed better than ever before. I felt surprisingly confident. Like I was meant to be there. My fellow cast and I connected, flowing as one until the anticipated bow. Suddenly there was a tremendous burst of applause as the crowd cheered. I felt lightheaded once again but this time not from fear but from joy. I did it.



Here at Matchbox Children’s Theatre, we get it. We do all we can to understand our kiddos, and be there for them every way that we can. We are so passionate and proud to help each of them find their spark. After all, theatre education is a gateway to boundless imagination and creativity. It is a playground where they can explore their innermost thoughts and emotions, free from judgment, and learn to express themselves authentically. As they embody different characters and bring stories to life, they open their minds to new possibilities and solutions, thinking outside the box in all aspects of life.


But the true magic lies in the empathy and emotional intelligence that theatre education instills in these kiddos. As they step into the shoes of characters with diverse backgrounds and experiences, they learn to understand and embrace perspectives beyond their own. This newfound empathy becomes a guiding light in their relationships, making them better friends, partners, and future leaders in our communities.


Confidence, that elusive trait that many yearn for, finds its home on the stage. As children perform before an audience, they shed self-doubts and fears, discovering the strength within themselves. This newfound self-assurance empowers them to face life’s challenges fearlessly, knowing that they have the resilience to rise above any adversity.

The theatre also serves as a crucible of effective communication. From delivering lines with conviction to understanding the subtle language of body movements, theatre kiddos become masters of expression. These skills transcend the footlights, becoming the cornerstone of their success in their personal and future professional lives.

In the collaborative tapestry of theatre, they learn the art of teamwork and adaptability. Every role, whether on or off the stage, is vital to the success of the production. Together, they create something greater than themselves, forging bonds that last a lifetime. These skills become essential as they navigate a world that grows more interconnected by the day. In the digital age, the theatre provides a refuge of authenticity and genuine human connections. In a world where screens dominate our lives, it reminds kiddos of the beauty of face-to-face interaction, where vulnerability is celebrated and true emotions are cherished.

As we revel in the splendor of theatre, let us not forget the guiding hands that lead us on this artistic journey – our beloved teachers. They are the maestros who nurture our talents, fuel our passions, and instill in us the values that shape our character. They are the unsung heroes of our artistic lives, lighting the way for us to shine on and off the stage.


So we ask today for your support. Help us supply our community’s future, and help us cover the costs to make it so. Help us all thrive - together. We feel our community’s love through the success of our new endeavor, Second Act Thrift Store, and want to say a huge thank you! We’ve connected with other theatre companies, able to provide affordable set/costume options for them, as well as ourselves. We’ve met so many new people walking through our doors we may have never met otherwise, and have made countless meaningful new relationships. 


Thanks to your support, as well, we now have an executive director. A feat new to MCT! Speaking of new - we have been exploring new roads all year to bring YOU the very best MCT we possibly can. We are heading in all the right directions, but need help covering many costs along the way such as payroll, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, rent, class/camp materials, costume and set materials, lighting, scripts, royalties, stipends to reward and support the teaching talent whenever possible...and so much more. 


Here we are at Season 49, and we wish to make it AMAZING for you! We wish to nurture our kiddos’ opportunities, and we wish to make fantastic memories for everyone...from backstage to the audience.

On that note...would you like to know what performances we will bring you this season? Of course you do!!

Ready and rarin’ to haunt is our all new Halloween Warmup with the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center on September 29 & 30. For our holiday play December 8-10, we will perform “The Velveteen Rabbit”. An enchanting classic that always touches the heart, but not told quite the way you will be expecting. Then we will present a musical! “Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr” will take the stage March 9 & 10 with great melodious joy! Check our website often for all the details.


So whaddya say? Help us deliver quality services, keep growing, and supporting the future of Southeastern MN? Please know, as you consider donating, that the entire amount will help support our mission to spark imaginations by presenting professional quality children’s theatre on a consistent basis, while delivering theatre education excellence. We don’t take this mission lightly, and appreciate any and all of your support.


As always, thank you so much for supporting Matchbox Children’s Theatre.


Angie Sedgwick Perry

Executive Director

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