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2023 - 2024 PATRON LETTER

Dear friend of MCT,

Happy fall, everyone! We here at Matchbox are ready for another amazing season. We have settled into our new home nicely and will continue to do our shows in the lower level of First United Methodist Church. Our class line-up is looking good and our shows are sure to please! It doesn’t end there. There will be a Halloween Warm Up, camps, teas and so many other exciting opportunities to come play with us! 


Like every other business in town, we were looking to hire. Luckily we had a great candidate who has already proven to be an amazing asset to our organization. We were able to hire Kylie Larson as our Education Assistant full time and we couldn’t be more excited! Kylie brings a passion for theatre, a cosmetology license and tons of experience. She’s also a lifelong Matchstick kid. Her creativity and attention to detail will make her an excellent addition to the team. Angela Donovan, Education Coordinator, has worked hard with our Education Committee to create a thriving program and while she has done an amazing job with some incredible volunteers she needed full time help.


That’s where you come in. This year we are asking for donations to help cover our Administrative needs. After payroll, payroll taxes and unemployment insurance our classes and camps just cover those costs. Our overhead is still needing to be covered and we would like to hire an Office Assistant soon to help keep up with all the day-to-day tasks of running a non profit business, and an Event Planner to keep up with birthdays and special occasions. We are still writing grants and saving costs wherever we can. The Second Act Thrift Store is also doing its part to cover costs, get the word out and help us with resources, but every dollar given will go towards hiring experienced and qualified people needed for these positions. The value of these positions is infinite. Our teachers and assistants go above and beyond to engage our community and help cultivate the next generation of artists and leaders. 


All of our programming goes hand in hand when we teach a class. Whether in our building or out in the community our hope is that it sparks a new performer, designer, techie, stage manager or whatever their hearts desire. Theatre takes a community, the audience is just as important as the star of the show! I always tell my actors that without their support system they're just standing on a dark stage, talking to no one. Sometimes it goes the other way - someone takes a leap and auditions for a show, then decides they love it and takes classes to work on their craft. Either way we look forward to having a variety of well-planned classes to nurture their interests. We are so fortunate to be working with schools doing school camps and classes but also getting to do student performances again! We will be doing 4 student performances per show and are very excited to have schools from all over coming to see! 


So what are they coming to see, you ask? What do you get to enjoy? Our Christmas show will be A Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas Tail, December 10th and 11th, then we will do The Many Disguises of Robin Hood, February 11th and 12th, and finish out our Season 48 with James and the Giant Peach, April 1st and 2nd! 


Things are certainly looking up! While the sale of our building fell through we are optimistic it will find new life soon. An empty building is not an asset to either us or our community. Second Act Thrift Store is doing well. We’re meeting lots of great people, getting amazing donations and helping other organizations get physical needs met while also making money to help keep Matchbox afloat. To say I am proud of our Board and Volunteers is an understatement. We have an incredible group who show up with smiles on their faces (ok, sometimes my kids frown at me for having them work…) but overall it has been a success. We have already lent props for 2 shows, Mary Poppins and a murder mystery production in Hayfield. We also were able to help a haunted house get props needed for their next haunt! As we go through donations the office fills up with unique things the theatre can use! Sewing machines, fabrics and notions, cool hats and nice mens shoes…the list goes on! 


The road towards sustainability and stability seems to be paved for us as we move forward with the mission to spark imaginations. We see the need and the value of our services and we are ready to keep growing and reaching new people. As you consider donating, know that all money given will ensure a bright future for our staff and students! 


As always, thank you for supporting Matchbox Children’s Theatre.


Jen Wiebrand

MCT Board President

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