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Our Policies

Workplace Safety Policy

It is the intent of Matchbox Children’s Theatre to provide a safe environment for employees and volunteers. It is also our intent to properly manage any incidents that occur so as to minimize injury and other forms of loss. A well-managed workplace safety program can benefit our organization and people in countless ways. 

In order for MCT to achieve our goals, we have developed a workplace safety program outlining the policies and procedures regarding employee and volunteer health and safety. Each and every individual must become familiar with the program, follow and enforce the procedures, and become an active participant in this workplace safety program. 

Staff, volunteers and board members should be encouraged to report any unsafe conditions right away and should be educated in how to react in an emergency involving potential violence at the workplace. 

Goals of Policy 

1. A primary goal of a workplace safety policy is to establish the expectation that it’s the responsibility of all personnel to create and maintain a safe work environment.

2. The organization’s safety policy should also address the organization's obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to maintain a safe workplace. 

a. The federal government, through the Occupational Safety and Health Act, regulates all workplaces to ensure that certain safety standards are met.

b. Most workers’ compensation insurance policies require the organization to report work-related injury or illness within a certain number of days, or risk loss of coverage. 

c. To ensure proper coverage, it’s wise for the organization’s policy to require employees to report any incidents resulting in work-related illness or injury immediately or within 24-hours. 

d. If your organization’s activities include taking care of children, the elderly or other vulnerable populations, employees run the risk of being exposed to diseases while taking care of clients. 

3. The organization’s workplace safety policy should require employees to use universal precautions when applying first aid or providing personal care to clients, or each other. Exposure at the workplace to diseases that are transmitted by body fluids, such as Hepatitis and Aids, is regulated by OSHA.

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