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Children in Classroom

Our Policies

Health Policies

First Aid-

Ideally, First Aid will be administered by staff who have First Aid certification. An injury will be cleaned with soap, water and a bandage applied. In an emergency requiring a physician’s attention, the emergency number 911 will be called. A staff person will accompany the child in the ambulance while other staff make telephone contact to the parent or designated emergency person. Accidents will be recorded through our accident reports and put in a file; a copy will be made available upon parents request. A first aid kit will be located on the shelves in the hallway next to Epworth Hall and in the office. A first aid kit will be taken on activities out in the community. In the event that the Poison Control center needs to be called you can reach them at 1-800-222-1212. 


All areas used by the children will be free from debris, flaking, or peeling or chipped paint, loose wallpaper, crumbling plaster, litter, and holes in the walls, floors and ceiling. All Sharp objects, medicines, plastic bags and poisonous plants and chemicals will be stored out of the reach of the children. Daily inspections of the areas will be done to ensure potential hazards and potential choking hazards are removed. 

Infant Food Handling-

Parents will determine what the infant eats when they are brought to date night events. All formulas, baby food, and bottles shall be labeled with the child’s first and last name on it. No food preparation will be done at MCT at date nights other than mixing and warming of formula and cereal and warming of jars of prepared baby food/prepared dinners for toddlers. 


1. Wash hands with soap and water. 

2. Use napkins or paper towels under all food items placed on the counter.

3. All perishables will be refrigerated.

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