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Elves Off the


Santa's elves will come to your door, delivering a special letter from Santa and a Christmas treat!

Choose your own personalized package below, reserve your time, and be ready for a wonderfully festive visit from our very own Elves Off the Shelves!

Dates to choose from are December 17th, 18th or 19th.

Visits are 30 minutes long.

- Receive a personalized letter from Santa

- Candy canes for each member of the household

- Children may either give their own letters to Santa for the Elves to deliver

OR tell the Elves what they would like for Christmas



Basic Package PLUS pick 2 of the options below:

- Ding Dong Ditch: The Elves ring the doorbell, hide, and surprise your children

- Personalized Sidewalk/Window Drawing (parents may tell us what it should say)

- The Elves will sing Jingle Bells


You may choose any or all of the items off both packages, as well as including your own ideas.

(All ideas must be approved by MCT staff)



October 14 and 15 from 6:30 - 8:50 pm  

$10 per ticket - limit 25 per group 

Tickets can ONLY be purchased at Jim's SuperFresh until October 13th 
Jim's SuperFresh Address:

2101 4th St NW, Austin, MN 55912

Groups go out every 10 minutes. The walk/event takes about 45 minutes. Select your time slot when you purchase your tickets. Tickets are non-refundable and only good for the time slot on your ticket.

**During the 6:30 pm time slot there will be powered track chairs for use for those in need. This needs to be set up in advance by calling the Nature Center and requesting one.

But what is Halloween Warm-Up anyways? 

For two magical nights, the Nature Center (with the help of Matchbox Children’s Theatre) is under special enchantment! Take a 45-minute hike and enjoy “spook”tacular Halloween and nature skits performed by creatures, critters, and spirits of the night. Then relax inside the visitor center with cider and treats!

Especially designed to appeal to children ages 4-11 (accompanied by an adult), but all ages are welcome!

Jay C. Hormel Nature Center

1304 21st St NE, Austin, MN 55912






Please pick up your scripts & costumes any one of these days:

Sept 26th or 29th

Oct 3rd or 6th

4:00pm - 5:30pm

at Matchbox Children's Theatre


October 9th 3:00pm

Jay C. Hormel Nature Center

Prairie Chicken and Pheasant 

Directed by: Nature Center Interns 

Prairie Chicken - Intern 

Pheasant - Intern 

The Three Wishes 

Directed by: Luke Reese 

Fairy/Narrator - Francesa Bisanti 

Wood Cutter - Luke Reese 

Wood Cutter’s Wife - Kylie Larson 

Meet Dr. Frankenstein 

Directed by: Ike McIntosh 

Dr. Frankenstein - Liberty Anderson 

Igor - Ashlyn Strampe 

Wolfman - Renae Clark 

Dracula - Luke Tapp 

Tombstone - Ryker Edwards 

Vampira - Ella Spear 

Happy Medium - Hannah Zerke 

Boy - Atticus Burhman 

Girl - Ellie Nelson 

Other Children - Caitlin Vasquez, Kyla Nelson, Estelle Ruzek 

The Haunted Waters 

Directed by Kim Zerke 

Laura - Harper Edwards 

Becky - Renee Vossler 

Sarah - Alice Osmonson 

Gingerbread Swamp Style 

Directed by Val Johnson 

Tree Frog - Kortez Bennet 

Mosquito - Ava Lillis 

Little Old Woman - Val Johnson 

Gingerbread Man - Mollie Johnson 

Alligator - Kenley Johnson 

Human Training Day 

Directed by Kylie Larson 

Onyx -Navin Britt

Lunar - Aubrey Ruzek 

Giggles - Blake Zimbelman

Blue - Sariah Echols 

Mrs. Thornbe - Haylie Meyer 


Directed by Angela Donovan

Witch 1 - Luka Chumba

Witch 2 - Sebastian Emeline

Witch 3 - Kalli Potter

Halloween Warmup 2021

The Noise in Underland 

Directed by Blythe Johnson

Mad Hatter - Nadia Hummel 

Mallymkun the Dormouse - Aubrey Ruzek 

The Cheshire Cat- Vivanna Kelly 

The March Hare- Ellen Ekins 

Sound Effect Person- Blythe Johnson 

The Magic Wand Directed by Kim Zerke 

The Explorer- Liberty Andersen 

Faithful Dog- Eva Taylor 

Sir Stinkalot- Kya McManus 

Sir Stinkalittle- Hannah Zerke 

Bear- Ashlyn Strampe


How Grandmother Spider Stole the Sun

Directed by Angela Donovan 

Fox- Ryker Edwards 

Possum- Hunter Wollenburg 

Spider- Harper Edwards 

Buzzard- Mark Wollenburg 


The Plight of Jennie Greenteeth

Directed by Michael King

Squeakers the Field Mouse- Ava Lillis 

Ears the Rabbit- Renae Clark 

Flower the Skunk- Brynlee Olson 

Bridge Keeper 1- Lukas Tapp 

Bridge Keeper 2- Sam Vorthems 

Jennie- Emma Brekke

The Three Witches and the Broken Broom

Directed by Emma Brekke

Greta- Livianna Culbert 

Maddie- Ruby Kellog 

Sabrina- McKenna Donovan 

Scarecrow- Grace Wood 

Mummy- Hunter Jensen 


The Troll House Cookie Factory

Directed by Jenny Dreyer

Char- Michael King 

Scorch- Heather Deyo 

Burnie- Gabe Bruender 

Robot Elves- Maggie Dreyer, Jackson Dreyer and Atticus Burhman



Directed by Kylie Larson 

Cat 1- Kylie Larson 

Cat 2- Haylie Meyer


Hey Little Ant

Directed by Sydney Weisinger 

Ant- Nature Center Staff 

Child- Nature Center Staff


Mussels Skit

Directed by Nature Center Interns 

Cast- Nature Center Interns 



Super Fresh Produce Bakery

2101 4th Street NW

Austin, MN 55912

Mon-Fri 8:00am - 7:00pm

Sat 8:00am - 6:00pm


Join us for a night of playful halloween skits as you travel the wooded paths of

Jay C. Hormel Nature Center. 

We will guide you in groups of 20, heading through every 10 minutes (when you purchase your tickets you will get to select your time). It takes about an hour to reach the end.
Appropriate for ALL ages!

And oh we have a BUNDLE of spooky and silly skits this year!
DON'T MISS IT!! And don't wait too long - we sell out every year, it would be

a sad pumpkin situation to miss this fun Austin tradition!

Acting & Drama Classes
Singing & Dance
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